1. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner....all day!
    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner....all day!
    Check out our menu! We offer a wide variety of food to suite everyones wants and needs. We offer gluten free as well as vegan, most of our products are all natural and everything is made at The Hub.
  2. From scratch baked goods....mmmm!
    From scratch baked goods....mmmm!
    Everything is made at The Hub from quality all natural ingredients with lots of love. We offer a wide variety of baked goods such as bagels, muffins, cookies, brownies, scones, bread, and much more!
  3. Special Order Items....get creative!
    Special Order Items....get creative!
    We can only fit so much on our menu, so if you don't see it, ask. We offer specialty cakes to order as well as catering items for pick up only. If we have the ingredients, we can make it for you.
​​​Hours of Operation

7 AM - 8 PM
​7 AM - 9 PM

​224 MAIN ST.